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We are happy about everyone who wants to collaborate. There are many ways you can get involved. If you are unsure or have completely new ideas, just write to

Each project consists of at least two editors and up to seven authors. If you are interested in a project, you can simply write to the editors.

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We are always happy about new project ideas. It can be in an area of law that we have not covered yet or where (openly accessible) teaching materials don’t even exist at all. You can contact the coordinating team and pitch them your idea.

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Our materials may be published, but never finished. You can comment on the texts in Wikibooks or edit them. Each text has an author who is ultimately responsible for the content and who will contact you if you suggest edits. Instructions for using Wikibooks can be found here.

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Our texts are licensed under the Creative Commons license BY-SA 4.0. The open license allows the materials to serve as a basis for many other open educational resources projects.

Professors, course instructors, students, but also all those interested beyond that are cordially invited to use, edit and further develop the materials for their own purposes. We welcome your feedback on the materials.