International law spans the globe and, per definition, concerns peoples and nations around the world. Yet, truly transboundary scholarly communication all too often is hampered by legal and technical barriers and obstacles. To overcome some of these hurdles, we look for authors to create the first-ever Open Access textbook in international law in the context of the initiative “OpenRewi”. The aim of the book is to introduce readers to the field of public international law with a focus on the general questions/questions common to all specialized sub-fields. Read more.

OpenRewi – Open Legal Science was founded in 2020. “Rewi” is short for “Rechtswissenschaft”, the German word for legal science or legal scholarship. The aim of the initiative is to create freely accessible and usable teaching materials according to the Open Definition. In doing so, we strive for high content quality and up-to-date materials. We carry out the work on the individual publication projects in a decentralized, autonomous, and cooperative manner. Read more.

We are happy about everyone who wants to collaborate. There are many ways you can get involved. If you are unsure or have completely new ideas, just write to Read more.