About Us

OpenRewi – Open Legal Science was founded in 2020. “Rewi” is short for “Rechtswissenschaft”, the German word for legal science or legal scholarship. The aim of the initiative is to create freely accessible and usable teaching materials according to the Open Definition. In doing so, we strive for high content quality and up-to-date materials. We carry out the work on the individual publication projects in a decentralized, autonomous, and cooperative manner.

OpenRewi – Open Legal Science is a place to discuss and share your own legal knowledge. Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender or background. We recommend that at least 50% of the spots in all teams be reserved for women (quota system) in order to counteract the gender imbalance in the legal academy.

We aim to establish many new projects. Each project will be supported by the coordinating team. Prerequisites for founding a new project are constant communication with the coordinating team and the guarantee of an open peer review process within the project. Suggestions for new projects can be found in our project concept. Each project team decides for itself on the implementation of the quota system, the organizational procedures and, above all, the concrete content to be produced.

We write and publish our material on Wikibooks. Internally, we coordinate via a Nextcloud instance. There are comprehensible instructions for all work steps. The work of all projects is transparent and traceable. We are always happy about reinforcements at verein@openrewi.org.